Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Course Code: POLI305

Statement of Research Problem
The Politicization of S.H.S Educational System and Its Effects.

No one can deny the significant contribution of education in the development of the individuals, societies and nations. Even if we do not experience this fact in our own lives and societies we do see them happening in other people’s lives and in some societies around the globe. We have seen that the love and practice of education have led to the development of the Western developed countries and most emerging ones, especially in Asia and to some extent Southern America. What then can be the cause for a government formed by high level educationalists and intellectuals like that of (NPP) government make policies that when it comes to their implementation we treat them like a national disaster? Again, what will cause a government leading by professor and a lecturer like professor Mills fail to fix a problem in education but rather making policies that could be more dangerous in the future? There is undisputable fact that the two giant political parties in the country, NDC and NPP are highly politicizing the SHS educational system instead of finding practical solution to its problems.
The research problem
Every indication of the implementation of the four years SHS program shows that the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) administration made the policy without putting adequate measures in place for its implementation, it has been said many occasions on the radio and in the news papers that there is no classrooms for the fourth year students, no dormitories to accommodate them and no teachers to teach the additional classes. But the big question is, is there no better way for the NDC administration to deal with the menace than to reverse the whole system again which has its own problems waiting in the next few years ahead? This is the burden of this research. And it is the hope of the research to find answers to the following questions which will enlighten our understanding in the politicization of the S.H.S educational system and its effects on national development.
i) Did NPP change the 3year SSS to 4year SHS because it was Rawlings initiative?
ii) Is NDC also changing the system because it was stated in their party manifesto?
iii) Can the tertiary institutions absorb all the two batches that will complete the SHS in the year 2013?
iv) Does academic performance depend on 3 or 4 years in school?
Answers to the above questions will throw light on the level of political-play in the SHS educational saga in the country and how it can affect us as a country.

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